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When is the Right Time to Start Branding and Marketing your New Dental Practice?

By Rachael Charboneau, Posted July 20, 2022

A startup practice's marketing and branding process can take up to a year, especially if you are in a comprehensive program. This may vary depending on whether you are using a marketing company and the services you've selected, or if you plan to do all the marketing and branding yourself.

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Risks of Not Having Secure Passwords at Your Dental Office

By Daniel Palka, Posted May 15, 2022

Once you have your practice email, social media, business listings, and other accounts in place, you'll want to think about how you're protecting your passwords. To ensure your data is safe, we wanted to share some password security risks and tips to avoid them.

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Warning About Common Scam Targeting Dental Offices

By Daniel Palka, Posted April 4, 2022

Scam letters may use “official” sounding names like “Domain Authority” with the American flag to create the impression of a trusty national organization and scare-tactics and deceptive language to make people think that their domain may be about to expire.

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A Logo Is the Pillar of a Brand. It Is a Lifetime Investment.

By Guadalupe Escalante, Posted March 1, 2022

Doing things right the first time around will eliminate large expenses related to fixing mistakes. In, turn your logo will reflect professionalism that a quick DIY logo won’t. Here’s some advice to take with you on your logo journey for your new dental startup!

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