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Signature Dental Logo Design

Our talented in-house designers will work closely with you to create an original artwork explicitly designed for your practice. Unlike budget logos, the best dental logos are hand-drawn, designed “from scratch” for your practice only. We never include stock images nor outsource our projects. Our designers will walk you through our unique 5-step logo design process so that the end result will perfectly reflect your practice’s personality.

What Makes a Dental Logo

When it comes to the top general dentist logos, they are fresh and relatable to the many different type of patient preferences.

Dental specialist logos are generally very distinguished from other dentist logos. For example, because of patient preferences, pediatric dentist logos are usually more colorful and playful to appeal to kids and parents alike, while endodontist logos are more serious to comfort people who might be worried or in pain when they see the logo first.

The best dental implant logos are most often designed with older patients in mind and because of the possible high cost of the treatment, they usually include designs that convey professionalism, expertise, and excellence. The best orthodontist logos are smart and dynamic at the same time appeal to teenagers and also convince parents that the practice is the best choice to get the best possible results for the money they spend. Therefore the most modern and fun dental logos are generally created for this specialty.

How We Work

During our unique dental logo design process, we will present you with multiple concepts. Once you select the concept that you love the most, you will have unlimited revisions until you are absolutely and completely happy with the design.

Together we will walk through the following 5 design phases:

  1. Discovery Phase - Getting to know your preferences including your top dental logos and brands.
  2. Concept Phase - Introducing multiple concepts for your review keeping in mind current dental logo trends but also aiming to design a logo that will represent your new dental practice for many years to come.
  3. Font Phase - Finding the perfect font to complement your beautiful, new dental logo.
  4. Color Phase - Discovering the dental practice friendly colors that also match your new practice’s interior design.
  5. Final Approval - We will go over one more time every details together to ensure you absolutely love your new practice logo.

We will guide you through each step and will only move to the next phase once you are completely satisfied and have approved the work of the current practice logo design phase.

What We Deliver

Original Logo Files

Although your unique dental clinic logo will start with a hand-drawn design, we will deliver all final files as vector files. This file can be used, modified, or updated at any time by us or any other professional dental marketing company. The final files you receive from us are the professional standards for logo files internationally.

Why is this important?

Vector files are images defined by geometric points, angles, and curves and they can be resized to any size without loss of quality from business cards to billboards. Raster file images, such as photos, traditional paintings, and other artwork not specifically made as vectors, are made up by individual square pixels and therefore they cannot be scaled up from the original size without pixelation or “fuzziness.” Raster files may print poorly on promotional items, and some printers may refuse to even accept them. Raster files cannot be converted into vector files. It can be costly to “re-make” even existing logos if the owner only have access to pictures or other files that contain raster versions only. We always advise dentists to make sure they receive all necessary original logo files before they conclude a project with any dental marketing agency or dental branding or logo designer.

You also have the option to add stationery design at a discounted price. Please ask us about the details.

Your Practice Branding Guide

With every Signature Logo, we will also create a complete logo and branding guide for you dental practice that includes the exact fonts and colors used to create your unique artwork. It will also include examples on how to use your new, beautiful dental logo in black and white printing or in small limited spaces. The specifically defined colors are essential for any professional printing company, dental social media agency, billboard and magazine design, and other dental marketing professionals to keep your dental practice branding intact.

Ready to get started on a new practice identity?

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