Website University

  1. Creating your unique practice brand.

    Designing your website is like decorating your office. You choose the colors, architecture, fronts, and décor that suit your practice’s professional style. What type of dental experience do you want your patients to have? Whether you want a warm, comfortable feel, or a trendy, modern vibe we can customize your site to reflect your dental brand.

  2. Buying a domain name.

    Your domain name is the address of your website online; it tells your visitor where to find you. If this is your first professional website, you will need to purchase a domain name to ensure that no one else has the same web address. Once you choose a domain name, such as, we will register your domain through our web hosting account.

  3. Transferring a domain name.

    If you already have an existing website and domain name, we will need to transfer your domain from your current web host onto ours. This process is different than registering a new domain, but it can easily be accomplished once we have an authorization code from your web host, or the login information to your account so we can initiate the transfer ourselves.

  4. Setting up your own professional email.

    A professional email address helps those receiving your emails to see your practice as legitimate and organized. We’ll set up your practice email address at your domain name and give you all the information necessary to start receiving and organizing emails on your preferred email application. If you have important email on a previous account or on your transferred domain name, you can still keep record of these emails by backing them up on your computer before the transfer.

  5. Designing your website.

    We will begin with an offline model of what your site will look like. This is the stage where we decide on colors, fonts, and layout. Our expert web designers will write the latest code for your website so that it looks neat and professional on all Internet browsers and mobile devices. Visitors will not be able to search for your site while it’s under construction – we’ll wait to put the site online until you are completely satisfied with the final version.

  6. Writing your web content.

    Our copywriters are knowledgeable about both dental procedures and the SEO process, so your web copy will serve the dual purpose of attracting visitors to your site and educating them once they are there. We provide all of our websites with peer reviewed copy, which is specially written to make your site visitor-friendly and SEO friendly. You are also welcome to provide your own copy or make edits to the copy we provide.

  7. Making your website live.

    Once you are satisfied with the content and appearance of your website, we’ll put the site online so that you can start getting visitors. We wait until you’ve approved your website to be released so that we ensure that your website is exactly how you want it before it becomes visible to the public. Once your site becomes live, you can start advertising your brand new site to all your patients so that they can start referring your site to their friends and family!

  8. Totally dominating the online market.

    Our next step is to start marketing your practice and optimizing your website to get recognized by search engines. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) processes takes a while to see results, but first-page results are worth the effort. The more visible your site is to interested patients, the more likely they are to go there and see what your practice has to offer.

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