Practice Branding Create an image for your practice.
Patient Education Explain procedures and conditions easily.
Facebook MiniSites An entire website inside your Facebook page.
Social Media Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
Dental Websites Beautiful, responsive and easy-to-navigate.
Online Marketing Get found on search engines, maps and directories.
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Comprehensive marketing plans by Clue Dental Marketing.

Practice Branding

When choosing between a popular coffee chain and an obscure coffee shop on the corner, most savvy consumers stick with what’s familiar instead of taking a risk with something new. The same holds true for specialized services, such as your dental practice. By establishing a custom brand to differentiate your practice from its competitors, you give your future patients a reason to pick you – they “know” you – and that’s enough!

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Amazing dental websites by Clue Dental Marketing.

Websites from $199/month

Our designers have years of experience, and it shows. The websites we create follow the latest web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Thankfully, you don't need to worry about the details. We handle everything from prototypes to coding to registration to hosting. So forget about managing complex technicalities. Simply enjoy the benefits of a practice website you can be proud of.

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Social networking by Clue Dental Marketing.

Social Media

Your patients are eager to support you. So why haven't you given them a platform to do so? Let Clue create and maintain profiles for your practice on websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. Your patients will see regular, timely updates, promotions and everyday fun stuff. And because Clue handles it all, you won't have to do any extra work. Social network management is part of our Total Online Domination program.

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Shed light on your brand identity.

Signature Branding Program

For practices with a vision, stand out from the competition with the Clue Signature Branding program. This special program helps dentists brand their practices for increased recognition, results and revenue. With this unique dental branding program, you won’t have to worry about bringing in patients — they’ll come to you.

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Pediatric Dental Marketing

As a pediatric dentist, you have to convince parents to bring their children in your office. Give them a reason to choose your practice. Let Clue match your marketing efforts up with your target demographic and craft your message in a way that eases over-protective parents' fears. By showing a little personality, you can ensure your patients affiliate your practice with a welcoming environment and not cold rooms devoid of anything but echoing drills.

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